The impetus behind Positive Trim came about at the end of another great day of boating and several cold beverages on a warm summer night.  They had spent many a night just like this one, by the pool or in the garage, tunes playing, Carne Asada on the grill and drinks in hand.  Full of bravado and so called “game changing” ideas.  Then on Monday they would return home and daydream about hot wind in the face, the deep throaty rubble of a big block or high pitch whine of a high-strung outboard at full song.  Hot boats and fast women.  Friends and family.  The decision was made to stop talking and set about to create something different, something bad ass!

Positive Trim is the artistic whims of a performance boater.  We started out just making stuff we thought was cool for ourselves and our group of friends.  All hardcore, certified water junkies.  It has since grown.  We are excited to share the results of our passion with you.  Push the sticks forward and enjoy the ride!  #trimdownforwhat




1.      Consisting in or characterized by the presence or possession of features or qualities rather than their absence.

a. Showing pleasing progress, gain, or improvement.



transitive verb

1. To cause (as a ship) to assume a desirable position in the water by arrangement of ballast, cargo, or passengers (2) :  to adjust (as an airplane or submarine) for horizontal movement or for motion upward or downward.